Sell your Property

Marketing your property is not as simple as running an advertisement and putting a sign on the property.  When you list your property with our agents, you receive over 100 years of experience in the market. Buyers and sellers know us. Our knowledge of the area is key to representing your property in a way that gets the best exposure to reach its highest market potential.  All market areas are not created equal.  For example, the time of year, type of property, and location are just a few of the factors that can have a large impact on how we market your property; knowing where the buyers are today, at home, in the city, or in the field.  This type of experience allows us to tailor a marketing plan to match the type of property.  As buyers' and sellers' use of technology continues to increase, we continue to expand our marketing, using a variety of media platforms.  We use the most effective promotion of your property both locally and worldwide utilizing Facebook, Twitter, our website, national real estate websites, Land Watch, Lands Of America, Land and Farm, Zillow, Trulia, as well as trade magazines, local media, direct mail, sale bill flyer distribution, our own client data base, radio spots, television ads and trade shows, all depending on the type of property.


Putting a value on your property can be done in two ways and for two very different purposes.

Market Analysis: The market analysis is typically an inexpensive, simple one-page report used to set a listing price to put your property on the market. Market analyses are also used to help basic planning for projecting net worth, as well as many other uses. 

Appraisal services: Appraisals are typically in-depth reports used for estates, lending, federally related transactions, tax protests, divorce settlements, estate planning, change of ownership type, just to name a few.

Chris Langemeier is a Certified General Appraiser, who has been appraising farm and ranch properties since 2004. Chris will do an in-depth analysis of the sales in your market area.  The first step is determining if the sale is an arms-length transaction and true representation of the market. Then by evaluating each sale by soil types, uses, farm-ability, waste, roads, access, and all other factors, a reliable determination of the current market can be made. By evaluating your property to the current market condition as demonstrated by your market sales, a current market value can be developed for your property.

Farm Management Services

Farm management has many different definitions, based on your type of operation and goals for your property. That’s why our experienced farm managers sit down with you to determine what your needs and goals are. We will incorporate your needs into your personal farm management plan.  A few of these items may include: 

  • Review annual lease terms and rental rates
  • Evaluate soil conservation practices
  • Selection of seed varieties, fertilizer, chemicals, crop rotation
  • Develop marketing plans specific to your crops
  • Telephone calls, personal visits, and owner farm tours
  • Participate in USDA Farm Services Programs
  • Crop insurance options
  • Evaluate and manage capital improvement projects
  • Be your eyes and ears for things that impact your property
  • On-farm visits
  • Keep you up to date on market trends
  • Many other services tailored to your needs 

We work to ensure your success and satisfaction by contacting land owners with the best operators in the area.